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Heel Pads - Road New

The Bont Cycling Heel Pad set features 316 marine grade stainless steel t-nuts and bolts for improved removal and replacement of cleat t-nuts and heel pads.

The Heel Pad set for Bont Cycling road shoes is compatible with the new Vaypor BOA, Vaypor Lace, Helix, Vaypor S, Vaypor+, Zero+, Riot 24, Riot+ Road, Riot buckle and Motion models.

Each set includes the following items: Road Heel Pads for base of shoe (2 pieces), Road Heel Pad stainless steel bolt and t-nut for base of shoe (4 pieces).

Note: The heel pad t-nut is not replaceable on the Riot 24, Riot+ Road, Riot Buckle and Motion however the heel pad can be changed as per the maintenance tips found in our Help Centre.