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Bont's history of custom boot making

Mr. Inze Bont first started making custom shoes in the backyard of his Sydney house in 1974 after struggling to find a boot that would fit his wide feet. Mr. Bont pioneered the field of custom footwear and has remained the #1 custom boot/shoe builder in the world since 1974. Each week, Bont makes up to 200 pairs of custom boots and shoes.

In the mid 1990’s Inze tried to use socks with resin impregnated in them as he had seen being used in the hospitals to take a cast of people’s broken bones. He used the sock to quickly and easily make impression molds of peoples feet. They were so easy to use, he could post them out and people could make their own molds and post them back to our factory. This is still the most popular method used today.

Bont is extremely successful as custom shoe building because we have a unique way of building the shoes, the most knowledge in the industry for plaster foot shaping, and a fast turn around time. Feet have a lot of flesh on them that need to be sanded off, but if any of the bony areas are sanded, it will cause a great amount of pain and blisters for the rider. This mold preparation is crucial for a tight fit because when you have such a hard material like carbon fiber only 3mm away from your feet, they need to fit perfectly.

Bont Custom

Which models can be made into custom shoes?

The shoes that can be made as custom shoes are: Helix, Vaypor S, Vaypor G, Vaypor+, Zero+, Crono MK2, Vaypor XC & sub-8.

Ways to make a mold of your feet

We basically accept any form of making molds to make the shoes, but remember that the shoes can only be as good as the mold provided to us. We can accept laser scanning, plaster casts, Bont Molding SoxTM or plaster bandages. Please make sure that if you are sending molds to us, pack them really well and make sure they are 100% dry.

Which countries can i make custom shoes in?

With Bont Molding SoxTM, you can make the molds at your home anywhere in the world without any experience necessary. Just follow the instructions and mail the sox back to us. It takes less than 30 minutes to mold your feet. We also have trained custom mold makers in almost every country so please contact us to find out if we have one close to you.

To find out how to make custom Bont shoes in your area, please email