Size Chart

Size Chart

To find your size, place a tape measure and piece of paper on a flat surface up against a wall. With your heel approximately 1mm away from the wall, stand on the tape measure, slowly roll your weight forward and onto the forefoot while keeping your heel firmly connected to the floor. Look down and take the measurement from the wall to your longest toe. Record the length. With your foot still in place, use a straight edge in a vertical position and place it up against the widest part of both sides of the foot. Measure the width across the widest part of your foot and record the number in millimeters. Repeat this step for both feet.

If you're unable to do this yourself, have someone take the measurements while you focus on keeping the entire foot connected to the ground at all times.

Once the measurements have been taken, first use the horizontal MM scale on the size chart to find your size (length). The MM sizes on the chart are the exact length of the last that we use to build the shoes. If you find that your MM size is exactly the same as a value on the size chart, you may want to select one size bigger to give your toes some room. For example, you measure your feet and the length of your left and right feet are 278mm and 280mm respectively. If you were browsing for a Helix, Riot+ Series, Vaypor S or other model from the top line size chart you would be exactly size 44.5. However, as stated, this is the exact length of the shoe last and unless you like your shoes to be very tight, you may wish to add an additional 5-8mm onto your measurements to account for toe room and sock thickness. This will result in the most appropriate size. In this case you wold select a size 45.

Following selection of size (length), move downward to select the most appropriate width. We recommend adding 1mm to find the most appropriate width. For example, you are looking at a Vaypor S and have determined your best shoe size is 45 – accounting for the additional length added to your foot measurements. Your widths are 105mm and 107mm respectively and so, with an additional 1mm added, you would still fit within the Standard Fit. If your feet measured narrowed than 100mm or wider than 110mm, you would consider Narrow Fit or Wide Fit.

For sizes that fall outside of our size chart, please get in touch HERE.

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